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About JBS

Qingdao JBS Precasting Accessories Co., Ltd specializes in Precast Concrete (PC) Accessories since 2003. As one of the earliest manufacturers in China, JBS has developed hundreds of kind PC accessories. They cover four main popular systems in the world, which is Europe System, American System, Australian System and Japanese System. All these items are designed and tested by JBS.


Qingdao, a famous Port city in eastern of China, is also a beautiful tourist and industrial city. Since 1970s, as the earliest forerunner and window, Qingdao has been opened to the world. Now, Qingdao has had the complete industrial systems on many field, such as plastic and rubber, the rigging hardware, the household appliances, and equipments, etc. With share economy, by the lowest cost, the whole city is a big manufacturer. As one of the top 12 cities in China, Qingdao has very convenience traffic with other areas in China. Based on the advantages richly endowed by nature of City, JBS sets up its development model.

Our Mission
Quality is the Core of Operation in JBS
R&D is the Driver to Future of JBS
Honesty is the Living Foundation of JBS

Every product relates to the safety and life -- quality equals to the life. Since the beginning of the company, JBS has set up its own Lab to control the parts on each process. JBS always tries its best to control the quality from the design to the finish, which help keeping improvement on the market share and reputation.

In this quick on-going world, new item comes thick and fast. By a professional R&D team, JBS can provide the new item to the customer within 1-20 days. The quick action helps customers do highest efficient work to meet the requirement in market.

During the cooperation, by honest attitude, JBS sets up the confidence and trust with the partners. Based on their request, a special team in JBS was set up to help sourcing different items on behalf of partners since 2010. Year by year, with the nice sourcing system, JBS’ One-Stop sourcing platform reduces the cost and risk for the partners.

Along with the real time internet technology, JBS communicates with customers like in a same office. By good understanding and trust to each other, JBS stands on the same line with our partners. Partners and JBS are two departments in the same company.


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