Ring Clutch and Wire Rope Ring Clutch

  • The ring clutch consists of a shackle and a clutch head. The shackle is free to move in any direction.
  • The clutch had in each load group matches the shape of the recess former and incorportates a locking bolt with engages in the head of the cast-in anchor.
  • The Ring clutch are clearly matched to the anchors by compatible design as well as by marking the anchor types and load groups. Only matching components will fit together.
  • The Ring clutch must be checked at least twice a year by trained personnel. Any deformation of a locking bolt or the clutch head means that an overload of at least 3times SWL has occurred, the clutch should be withdrawn and can not be repaired. No repairs such as welding are permitted.
  • Any damaged wire must be withdrawn from use in strict accordane with the relevant accident prevention regulations for lifting equipment.
  • Acids, alkaline solutions and other aggressive materials, can cause corrosion, must be kept away from the wire cables.
  • Sharp-edged hooks or hooks with small cross-section, and therefore small radius, can lead to unacceptable damage of the wire cables.
  • Experience has shown that, depending on different using frequency, Ring clutch reach its end of lifetime after 3-5years if they are in constant use according to the regulations.
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