Lifting Clutch (Lifting Shackle)

  • The Lifting Clutch is a lifting device for the lifting and transportation of precast concrete units with lifting anchors, it has a universal head.
  • The precast unit can be lifted. Tilting, turning and swiveling of the concrete unit in motion is permissible and safe by the universal-head lifting clutch.
  • Each universal-head lifting clutch has identification markings to show the Load group, unique serial number.
  • Each JBS Lifting Clutch have been individually tested to 2.5 x SWL.
  • The min. broken load of these lifting clutch is more than 5:1 safety factors.
  • The lifting clutch should be only used when they are properly inspected by a qualified person. And the inspection must be carried out at least every 6 months.
  • Experience has shown that, depending on different using frequency, universal head lifting clutch reach its end of lifetime after 3-5years if they are in constant use according to the regulations.
  • Alternation and repairs to the universal head lifting clutch, especially welding operations, are strictly forbidden.
  • * Wire Rope Lifting Clutch can be ordered specially.
  • * Wire Rope Lifting Clutch can be ordered specially.
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